• 21st of June 2021

    The website of the Personalised Swiss Sepsis Study (PSSS) goes live!
  • 1st of June 2021

  • 17th of May 2021

    Today during our monthly PSSS meeting we had a very inspiring talk from Jason H. Yang from the ‘Center For Emerging And Re-Emerging Pathogens’, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, about how machine learning can advance the way of diagnosis, understand and treatment of bacterial infections.
  • 22nd of April 2021

    Thanks Michael Moor for the great overview on studies employing machine learning for the prediction of sepsis in the ICU during our PSSS meeting today!
  • 21st of March 2021

    A total of 10’439 patients are now included in the study!
  • 12th of February 2021

    At today’s online meeting Alistair Johnson from Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) gave an exciting presentation about MIMIC IV
  • 31st of December 2020

    A total of 6’882 patients are now included in the study!
  • 14th of December 2020

    Today we had another exciting guest at our online meeting! Matthias Briel from University Hospital Basel presented the next generation of clinical trials!
  • 18th of November 2020

    A big thank you to Shigehiko Schamoni from Heidelberg University for his great talk on leveraging implicit expert knowledge for non-circular machine learning in sepsis prediction.
  • 9th of October 2020

    Today’s invited guest was Luregn Schlapbach from University of Queensland & University of Bern who gave a very interesting talk about Pediatric Sepsis
  • 30th September 2020

    Adrian Egli presents the project at the SPHN Webinar Series! You can find here the YouTube video in case you have missed it!
  • 31st of August 2020

    A big thank you to Nenad Tomašev from GoogleDeepMind for his great talk on ‘Developing predictive models of patient deterioration: an AKI case study’
  • 24th of June 2020

    Today Aldo Faisal from Imperial College London gave an inspiring talk on his recent work! Thank you!
  • 18th of May 2020

    At today’s online meeting Mark Sendak from the Duke Institute for Health Innovation gave an exciting presentation about their recent work on ‘Sepsis Watch: A Real-World Integration of Deep Learning into Routine Clinical Care’