• 16th of November 2021

    P. J. Thoral from Amsterdam UMC showed, on the occasion of our monthly meeting, how they are implementing the first freely accessible European ICU database.
  • 20th of October 2021

    On the occasion of our monthly meeting, Caroline Weis, doctoral candidate in Machine Learning for Computational Biology and Healthcare in Prof. Karsten Borgwardts group at ETH Zurich, gave a very interesting talk, and showed how MALDI-TOF mass spectra based machine learning may be an important new tool for antibiotic stewardship.
  • 21st of June 2021

    The website of the Personalised Swiss Sepsis Study (PSSS) goes live!
  • 1st of June 2021

  • 17th of May 2021

    Today during our monthly PSSS meeting we had a very inspiring talk from Jason H. Yang from the ‘Center For Emerging And Re-Emerging Pathogens’, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, about how machine learning can advance the way of diagnosis, understand and treatment of bacterial infections.
  • 22nd of April 2021

    Thanks Michael Moor for the great overview on studies employing machine learning for the prediction of sepsis in the ICU during our PSSS meeting today!
  • 21st of March 2021

    A total of 10’439 patients are now included in the study!
  • 12th of February 2021

    At today’s online meeting Alistair Johnson from Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) gave an exciting presentation about MIMIC IV
  • 31st of December 2020

    A total of 6’882 patients are now included in the study!
  • 14th of December 2020

    Today we had another exciting guest at our online meeting! Matthias Briel from University Hospital Basel presented the next generation of clinical trials!
  • 18th of November 2020

    A big thank you to Shigehiko Schamoni from Heidelberg University for his great talk on leveraging implicit expert knowledge for non-circular machine learning in sepsis prediction.
  • 9th of October 2020

    Today’s invited guest was Luregn Schlapbach from University of Queensland & University of Bern who gave a very interesting talk about Pediatric Sepsis
  • 30th September 2020

    Adrian Egli presents the project at the SPHN Webinar Series! You can find here the YouTube video in case you have missed it! https://sphn.ch/seminar-training/psss/
  • 31st of August 2020

    A big thank you to Nenad Tomašev from GoogleDeepMind for his great talk on ‘Developing predictive models of patient deterioration: an AKI case study’
  • 24th of June 2020

    Today Aldo Faisal from Imperial College London gave an inspiring talk on his recent work! Thank you!
  • 18th of May 2020

    At today’s online meeting Mark Sendak from the Duke Institute for Health Innovation gave an exciting presentation about their recent work on ‘Sepsis Watch: A Real-World Integration of Deep Learning into Routine Clinical Care’