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Swiss Sepsis Study

Detection and modelling of sepsis using machine learning to analyze continuous ICU monitoring, laboratory, microbiology, and -omics data for personalized sepsis management.

The Project

The Personalized Swiss Sepsis Study (PSSS) is a Swiss nation-wide project funded by the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) and Personalized Health Related Technologies (PHRT) in 2017 with the aim of forming a Swiss-wide infrastructure for data driven Sepsis research.

Sepsis is a highly heterogenous syndrome with variable causes and outcomes. As part of the SPHN/PHRT funding program, we aim to build a highly interoperable, interconnected network for data collection, exchange and analysis of patients on intensive care units in order to predict sepsis onset and mortality earlier. All five University Hospitals, Universities, the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and ETH Zurich are involved in this multi-disciplinary project. With two prospective clinical observational studies, we test our infrastructure setup and improve the framework gradually and generate relevant data for research.

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Participating Institutions